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“In a clear, expressive voice, Stone mourns, she indicts, she tantalizes and she reflects. Jessica Stone’s songs show shades of Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco,Paula Cole and more…When you consider that right now millions of teenagers are listening to mindless fluff such as, well, you can fill in the blanks, int’s nice to know that singer/songwriters such as Jessica Stone provide an alternative for those who value their brains. There aren’t many people who can deliver anger and forgiveness with equal conviction.”
David Lockeretz, Columnist for The Muse’s Muse Read the full review here.

“Jessica Stone has managed to capture the essence of the great 60’s singer-songwriter…she has modernized and packaged it in catchy, sing-along pop melodies and delivers it with a sexy-smart style that keeps fans asking for more. Add to that the fact that she can switch back and forth from English to Japanese while talking to an audience from the stage, and you will understand why Jessica Stone is about to capture hearts, imaginations (and pocketbooks) in Tokyo.”
Yu Sasamoto, President of MTV Japan

“Jessica Stone is a gifted singer/songwriter who delivers songs with passion and integrity.”

“Among the many independent songwriters, Jessica Stone is definitely a notch above the rest. Her well-crafted tunes and thoughtful vocal delivery remind us that brilliant artists are definitely not a thing of the past. Kudos to this talented young star on the rise!” Luanne J. Hunt, Los Angeles Newspaper Group