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Songs For Wyatt is now available!

Hi everyone,

As you can see on this page, I’m afraid I’ve demonstrated that I’m a pitiful blogger, at least while my all focus and energy was directed at making Pandora a huge success. The good news is that those efforts were rewarded…I think it is safe to say that Pandora is a household name in the US these days. Yeah!

When I “retired” from Pandora last May, I got right to work on a new record. That creative side of me had been dormant for too long! This time, I wanted to make a children’s album to capture the songs that were special to me and my toddler son, Wyatt, during the first two years of his life. Some of these songs we learned together at our weekly “Music Together” classes. Others were songs that I grew up with and have passed along to Wyatt. They are all covers, but I took creative license on A Ram Sam Sam, working into the song all of the names of the United States of America. Wyatt and I have been having fun with US geography, and that interest spilled over into our car singing sessions.

At first, I had no commercial intentions for this project. This was all about preserving memories, and getting that precious toddler voice recorded so I can listen to Wyatt’s two-and-a-half-year-old singing forever and ever. My dear friends David and Joan Dans partnered with me to make this project a reality, and we headed down to their studio in Los Angeles to lay down the tracks. David, who produced and played every instrument on the record (masterfully!) other than the cello, took my little song ideas and turned them into so much more than I ever imagined. I fell in love with the project all over again, every time he sent me a new track to hear. Somewhere along the way, I knew I needed to release this record publicly.

We finished work on the music in November 2012, the discs were pressed in December, and on January 15th, 2013 I officially released “Songs For Wyatt” on iTunes and CDBaby. (Why didn’t I promote it then, you ask?)

I immediately directed my attention to having a website designed and built that was dedicated to this record. While I was at it, I had the Jessica Stone website redesigned as well. That project has just reached its conclusion, and I’m thrilled with the results. Perhaps now I’ll do a better job of maintaining this blog! You can now find me on Twitter, too. My handle is @jessicastone33.

Please share your thoughts on the new music, and help me spread the word about this record. My husband is convinced that “Songs For Wyatt” will be my best-selling record to date, because every parent craves new children’s music that doesn’t drive them batty with repeat listening! That was a secondary goal for this record. My most important fan, Wyatt, plays it frequently on the CD player in his play room. For the record, he reports that Froggy Went A Courting and A Ram Sam Sam are his favorites (but he sweetly asks me to sing Godspeed every night at bedtime).




I’m back!

Hey all! It has been a long, long time since you heard from me and if any of you have been checking back in these past years looking for news, I owe you an apology. The truth is that I got really busy during the past 5 years with this little online radio company called (have you heard about it yet?). It was a great decision to go to work there, because Pandora has grown huge and is kicking ass now, but it hasn’t been easy to manage the ”life balance” in the midst of it all, and I had my own music on a shelf for a time. Continue reading