I’m back!

Hey all! It has been a long, long time since you heard from me and if any of you have been checking back in these past years looking for news, I owe you an apology. The truth is that I got really busy during the past 5 years with this little online radio company called Pandora.com (have you heard about it yet?). It was a great decision to go to work there, because Pandora has grown huge and is kicking ass now, but it hasn’t been easy to manage the ”life balance” in the midst of it all, and I had my own music on a shelf for a time.

Last year, with the encouragement of my colleagues, I headed back into the studio and started to make music again. What a joyful experience it has been! I rarely feel as vital and gratified as when I’m working on my songs in the company of talented musicians. I had the chance to feel that way alot over the past year and a half, while I worked on my long-overdue second record.

And now (drum roll please), I’m very proud to introduce to you “Melting”! I worked on it with Jon Evans, a brilliant producer and musician of Tori Amos fame, right here in my backyard in Berkeley at San Pablo Recorders. Heading into this project, I decided that the number one goal was to let each song be what it really wanted to be…without the lens of commercial appeal, even without regard to how the songs might hang together as a package (but I’m pleased that they actually do). If you’re familiar with my work, you’re aware that my songwriting style runs a pretty wide gamut, and each song – even when it is just a bare melody and lyric – suggests its own style and arrangement. Amongst the collection of songs on Melting, one wanted to be big-band brass jazz number, one wanted to be French cafe/lounge-singer tune, another wanted to be a country waltz-ballad complete with mandolin, and so it went. Jon Evans teased out each song’s true nature in delicate, understated arrangements that I’m totally thrilled with. And the quality of the musicianship on this recording, from each and every player, blows me away. I was humbled and amazed to hear the songs coming to life in their skilled hands.

Melting officially launched on July 7th, and I’ve been going though the usual machinations to get it live on Amazon, CDBaby and the rest so I can start selling it. I’ve even dusted off and updated this website, as you’ve already seen.

Now I need your help.

Of course, I’d love it if you bought a copy of the record. But beyond that, please tell me what you think of the record – which songs you like best and why. (They’re available for streaming, full-length, on the music page.) Should I make a music video? If so, with which song? Any ideas for imagery? If you don’t like something about the record, tell me that too (but gently, I’m delicate!). And, if you’ve got a spare moment, please head over to CDBaby and Amazon (click on those links) to write a review and get the conversation started about this album. My new tunes are also already spinning on Pandora, so if you happen to hear one on your stations, giving it the ol’ “thumbs up” really helps!

And, most of all, please accept my thanks for your patience in waiting for this new music. I really do hope you’ll like it.